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HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards Finalist

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Lewis Aqüi Landscape + Architecutral Design, LLC of Miami, Florida

Nominee & Finalist in the ‘Art of Outdoor’ Category 

HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards 2017

Miami, Florida April 2017 – Lewis Aqüi Landscape + Architecutral Design, LLC (LA2d) of Miami, Florida was a finalist in the 2017 HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards. The HGTV Ultimate Outdoor awards celebrates amazing outdoor living areas and lush landscapes created by the nation’s top landscape design professionals.

Hundreds of the nation’s leading designers and architects submitted their best work for the annual HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards. From gorgeous gardens to fabulously appointed front yards, our competition showcased the best of the best.

Each nominee is reviewed by our esteemed panel of judges. The judges range from HGTV executives to award-winning landscape professionals.

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About Lewis Aqüi Landscape + Architectural Design

President, Lewis E. Aqüi R. established LA2d on October 2012 after collaborating successfully for over 12 years as partner in other two local firms. Lewis’ early career was spent as a young designer in landscape architecture firms between Naples, Florida and Miami including Smallwood Landscaping and Raymond Jungles, Inc. He learned a variety of landscape design techniques and philosophies from these early mentors which he appreciated and eventually molded into his own personal style. We have over 25 years of experience while practicing our craft of Landscape Architecture. Whether beginning with undeveloped land requiring tree mitigation prior to development or a historically significant estate in serious disrepair, we have the resources and experience to create award winning, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally sustainable surroundings.

Lewis E. Aqüi is a registered Landscape Architect and also carries the prestigious designation of LEED AP, and is qualified to be team member for projects pursuing LEED certification in the green building arena.

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